Speed the Light


Join the nation as we collectively give to see missionaries equipped, nations reached, and people come to know Jesus. Help us reach our goal of $300,000 in the month of October - everyone can do something! Take up an offering on a Sunday morning, take the $Thousand Dollar Dare, or be 1 and 1,000!

National STL Sunday

October 21st, 2018

At NTYM we understand your constant need for promotional material and resources, so we have created this page with you in mind. Here you will find the latest resources we have at NTYM. From videos, images, photoshop files and more.




Below you will find a list of downloadable resources. Simply click the icon to be redirected to the direct link.


1/1000 (One in a Thousand) is an initiative focused on helping our students to

creativity raise $1,000 in one day. We will be one of a thousand youth groups

raising $1,000, partnering with other students all over the nation, each creatively

raising money to resource missionaries.

Our Schools Matter

Our Schools Matter is aimed to make Jesus known through the most strategic entity in every community – the local school. Why are your local schools so strategic?

The largest collection of unreached people in any community intersects through the local school, whether students, parents, faculty, or business leaders. While the church and adults have no legal rights on the school campus, they can mobilize, invest, and serve their school(s). By serving and impacting the local school, the church impacts the broader community through its family relationships.

Tell a Good Story

Do You Want To Equip Your Group To Share Their Faith?

A free sermon series from Ministry Pass

  • Complete bundle with sermon and media resources.

  • Help your students feel more excited about sharing their faith.

  • It’s the perfect sermon series for the summer.

The Sidline Pass

Let’s be honest. This is one of the most coveted badges that a youth leader could possess. It’s the pass of all passes. It’s an open door with direct access to student athletes, coaches, parents, principals, and even the school. I still remember the athletic director’s words when I picked up my sideline pass for the most recent season: “Other pastors want to do this”. Yes, it is a great opportunity that most anyone would jump at. But it’s just that…an opportunity. The sideline pass doesn’t make you a better youth leader or make your church and student ministry better just because you have one. The sideline pass is an opportunity to take Jesus to your local campus by loving and serving the team.



The Wall

This free resource from Youth Alive North Texas is designed to push you to create your yearly calendar—in advance, not at the last minute. This will result in clear vision, better preparation and planning, more effective communication (both on and off the stage), more free time to spend with students/leaders/parents, and a year with far less stress.


SQUAD is a ten week journey designed to grow your student ministry, put emphasis on Speed the Light giving, build your leadership team, and have seven incredibly fun services through it all.

NEW!Now ALL of the SQUAD resources without dates! You’re no longer stuck in 2016!


Converge is coming! Here are some of the art elements we have for you. Stay up to date right here with this link for updated promotion material. 

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