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Prior to appointment in 2017 as NTD Youth Director, Spencer and Lauren Speed served as Family Life and Executive Pastors at New Community Church in Mesquite. Previously serving as Youth Pastor and leading the NTD Camp Rec Crew for seven years, leading missions trips, serving with Youth Alive in school assemblies and multiple leadership training events has provided Spencer and Lauren with unique preparation for this role. Lauren is also a Registered Nurse with experience at the ER level and as a school nurse. Married in 2016, they are a product of NTYM camps and local church ministries. 

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Jackson, in his heart of hearts, is a revivalist. He has witnessed moments of revival within youth ministry and on the campus, but is believing for the fullness of it across North Texas. He is a campus missionary to sports teams, lunch rooms, and has helped plant Bible clubs in one of the largest high schools in America. Through his ministry, Jackson has seen unchurched students saved, baptized, and healed! Our schools are the spiritual battleground of the nation, “If we lose there, we lose everywhere else.” His desire is to train, develop, and send out youth pastors who’s hearts would be broken for the campus, so revival would invade schools in every community through the church! 

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Born and raised in Northern California, Kris attended SAGU and then served seven years as the Youth Pastor of The Grace Place in Arlington, Tx. He and his wife, Lyndi, have an adorable 1 year old boy, and a newborn daughter. He is passionate about equipping Youth Pastors to raise up the next generation of both goers and senders. Under his leadership, their youth students and leaders caught the heart of generous giving and were consistently at the top of STL missions giving year after year. He believes everyone is called to both go and send. We will all just do it in different capacities. There are missionaries sitting in our churches who need the opportunity to be challenged to step into what God is calling them to. Whether that is a missionary to another country, their neighborhood, their schools, or future workplaces. The Lord has called them to more than attending a youth service.


“If we can encourage students to both open their hands wide in giving and take a physical step into a culture or country they are unfamiliar with… they will see their role in God’s Kingdom differently.”

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Morgan Alloggio was born and raised in Texas. She just graduated this past Spring from SAGU with a Bachelors in Church Leadership. 
She came on to the team in May 2022 as the Camp Assistant. Since then, she has taken on the role of the District Youth Administrator in August of 2022. She is passionate about Youth Ministry and serves avidly in her church. She loves the students of North Texas and is eager to see them know the Lord and step into their Calling. 

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Bri Reyes was not born in Texas but carries the pride as if she was. She has served in West, South and North Texas camps since 2014 and has a passion for youth students and pastors all across. She believes in the power of community and what can happen when working together for one purpose. So she is very excited to have joined the NTYM Youth Alive team to champion our Youth Pastors and Students in their pursuit to make Jesus known in their campuses.

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Zach Davis is currently a college student at SAGU and has been apart of the Youth Alive team for three years. He is championing an exciting new branch of Youth Alive- Student Engagement. His heart is to coach and train students to reach their school through Jesus Clubs, Prayer, and Authenticity. His energetic personality points others closer to Jesus.

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