Fine Arts

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What is Fine Arts?

An event created to develop students’ God-given talents.  It’s an opportunity for students to get on stage or present artwork that will  be evaluated by qualified individuals who will offer positive feedback to help them progress in the arts.


When is the event?

March 10-11, 2017 | Registration begins at 1PM on Friday, and the closing ceremony ends around 4PM on Saturday.


Where is it held?

Southwestern Assemblies of God University | 1200 Sycamore Street | Waxahachie, TX


How to I sign up?   See the instructions below.

Step 1

  • Download student registration form to be completed by the parent and student

  • Download category selection form to use during online registration


ONLY the student registration form should be mailed to the NTYM Office.

Step 2



Use the forms to complete online registration.  We HIGHLY recommend that the online registration be completed by the Youth Pastor or Fine Arts Coordinator.

  • ONE Fine Arts Coordinator from each church must register each church

  • Each student must register ONLY ONCE

Step 3



Mail in student registration forms and ONE church payment (check) that covers all Fine Arts participants.  No credit card payments will be accepted.  Do no submit individual payments.


Mail to:

NTYM Attn: Fine Arts | P.O. Box 838 | Waxahachie, TX 75168

  • On-Time registrations | $27 per entry

  • Late registrations | $37 per entry

Step 4



Within two weeks following the close of registration (February 6), a confirmation will be emailed to the registered Fine Arts Coordinator for each church.  This confirmation will list all of the students and entry information that has been submitted.  Please check this information very carefully as it will complete your registration and determine the Festival schedule.


Submit all changes to the online change request form.

submitting entries